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FoundationForForm is an award-winning San Diego-based architecture and development collaborative led by principal Mike Burnett, AIA. Our work ranges in scale from urban design and civic infrastructure to interior and furniture design. Our focus is on infill redevelopment and providing mixed-use, affordable and market-rate housing. Our studio is comprised of architectural, engineering and urban design professionals.

FoundationForForm has designed and built hundreds of dwelling units in several mixed-use housing projects. We are proficient in various constructions types typical in high-density development including Types I, III and V. We specialize in seeing the opportunities in a challenging parcel with unfavorable adjacencies, and we understand the complexities of designing within complex easements, restrictions and multifaceted zoning regulations.

FoundationForForm is committed to community engagement and activation realized through fundraising and special events in support of the regeneration of our urban realm. Members of the American Institute of Architects, Urban Land Institute, San Diego Architectural Foundation and San Diego Apartment Association, the programs that we sponsor on a regular basis are typically education-oriented and encouraging of community involvement.

“I think tolerance and acceptance and love is something that feeds every community.”

— Lady Gaga

FoundationForForm Architecture + Develop


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